The New School of Animation

Alright, so to get away from politics for a brief moment (or maybe not…) let’s get down with a medium that is ever so dear to my heart: animation or in other words good ol’ cartoons. There was never a time in my nearly two decades of being on this earth, in which I did not enjoy cartoons. From the slapstick and goofy gags of Bugs Bunny, the never-ending vendetta between Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse and the larger than life adventures of four imaginative and precocious toddlers in the Rugrats, there was always a story or a joke or a character to melt your heart and make your day much brighter. And these are just some examples of “Old School” animation. If you think the classic Flintstones rocks the bed or Spongebob Squarepants is the king of all that is goofy and goober in the sea, then that’s completely fine, but I have some news for you: there are even more mind blowing shows out there that will not only make you laugh or cry out of joy and sadness, but will do all that and more! By “more” I specifically mean that most importantly they make you think. Cartoons can make us think about the world around us and how we live within it, in the strangest and unassuming way, which is amazing!

Animation can sometimes be a very unappreciated art form. Mostly because it’s so unassuming. By the time some people get to adulthood, they leave behind the laughs and innocence of cartoons they once watched as kids for more mature themes. Sesame Street tuns into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and then to Justice League and for those who still have the cartoon bug in them, a nice R-rated show like Robot Chicken satisfies their fancy. And then again sometimes people decide cartoons altogether are just not their thing anymore…and if that’s true then they probably aren’t reading this post at all. They’re completely sated with good time adult entertainment like Grey’s Anatomy or NFL football and to that I say it’s cool, do you, brosef (but you’re missing out…). While some people move onto “mature” things like reality television or simply R rated cartoons with raunchy humor, it’s always good to remember that there’s always still little nuggets of knowledge and wisdom that stem from any well crafted cartoon no matter what audience it seems intended for.

In fact, I’ve actually noticed that animators in my generation (creatures in their 20s and 30s), have been cranking out some projects that bark as big as they bite and are paving the way for a new age of creativity and overall awesome brain thinking. These contenders dig into the gritty and controversial topics in our society (hey ho politics, what up?) and ask some pretty big questions that can literally blow your mind all in the subtle manner of a simple recurring snail that waves or a starry-eyed boy and his ukulele. Move over Looney Tunes, Disney and Simpsons, you’ve got some grade A competition on your trail. I want to personally salute and review each and every animation I’m thinking of, but I won’t do it all here (I don’t think I could), but look forward to a whole string of posts regarding this subject because I’m crazy about it…I’m not kidding, I’m literally insane when it comes to this subject! And I’m sure it will make my co-writer, Aleena Space Princess, my homie ASP, very happy since this is my first post EVER!!!

So, without further to do, I will announce the first round of cartoons I will be reviewing and recommending to all you other human/magical creatures out there. Though I warn you, these aren’t the type of shows to “veg out” to because it might start off that way, but the deeper you go down the rabbit hole, the more you will find yourself in a cornucopia of life altering thoughts regarding time and space and what it all means!! The amount of explosive creativity in these works are truly astounding. They’re unconventional, they’re nutty and sometimes completely off putting and it’s AWESOME….at least I think so anyway. Alright, kids please adjust your imagination helmets and hang on as I take you through the crazy, bumpy journey that is Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Legend of Korra, Over the Garden Wall and Gravity Falls. Are these not in your top favorites? Never heard of them and don’t know what the hell I’m talking about? Never fear, there’s so much more to come after this so I hope to touch on most animated favorites and shame on you if you haven’t at least heard of these cartoon doubloons! Please go out and watch all of these for yourselves, I promise you won’t regret it. Just plop down hear me out and always feel free to comment!






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