Recommended Reading

Good Reads 2016

  • The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson

Good Reads of 2015





    • Finished the entire series this summer. Yesssss. 😀 Mixed views on protagonist’s desire to “just be a housewife and have kids”, then again, hubby tried to get her to go to college and have a career. Awkward.


  • Grrl Power Online comic by DaveB
    • OMG sooo good binge read all that was published back in March, have yet to catch up to the rest of the comic. (I think the author publishes 1-2 pages every week? So…40 – 80 pages to catch up on.)
  • Johnny the Homicidal Maniac by Jhonen Vasquz – C (3rd read July/2015)
    • The author/illustrator also made the television cartoon series Invader Zim.
  • Squee’s Wonderful Big Giant Book of Unspeakable Horrors by Jhonen Vasquez
    • SO GOOD haven’t finished it yet but am looking forward to it. – C
  • Dead Space by Antony Johnston (Author), Ben Templesmith (Illustrator)
    • Read it this summer. Nice artwork. Rating: Decent. – C
  • Batwoman: Elegy by Greg Rucka (Author), J. H. Williams III (Illustrator)
    • Read it this summer. Really enjoyed it. It’s kind of annoying that there are only white people in the comic tho. Synposis: gay woman leaves military due to violation of don’t ask don’t tell rule and becomes Batwoman, with the support assistance of her father. Hints of future romance with female Captain Gordon and a mysterious female joker to contend with. Apparently there are three other books in the series. Can’t wait to read them! – C
  • Batman: Through the Looking Glass by Bruce Jones (Author), Sam Kieth (Illustrator)
    • OMG definitely the best batman read of the summer. If you are a batman or alice in wonderland fan, you will love this. Get to know the adorable inner workings of Bruce Wayne. He ain’t so crazy after all…